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The MaxT3 Workout Plan

For many people exercise is more of an annual event. Because we have the limiting beliefs that (1) we don’t have the time. (2) it’s too boring. (3) it’s too painful.

Again, renew your mind! Without fitness, you won’t win your race. Fortunately for you, we’ve eliminated these excuses for the most part. You can’t get away from pushing the muscles to some degree and raising your heart rate, otherwise it’s called “sitting!” Fortunately for you, we’ve made exercise quick, doable, and super effective. Plus the feeling you get for hours after is incredibly satisfying so you may actually learn to enjoy it!

Radically better results in a fraction of the time!

We’re going to turn you into a fat-burning, muscle-building machine in only minutes per week using our MaxT3 training plan. T3 equals time, type, and tempo (intensity level). By optimizing these Ts properly, you can maximize your body’s ability to burn fat and build muscle. This is done by directly impacting your body composition as well as boosting the good hormones that cause you to be the kind of person you most likely hate—someone who naturally tends to be thin and lean!

Hitting All Of Your Oxygen Systems And All Of Your Muscle Groups

We’re looking to influence oxygen (O2) and lean muscle here. To do so means utilizing the multiple energy systems that work with and without O2 while you exercise as well as working all three types of muscle fibers. Important: To keep it super simple, the speed at which you move determines which energy system you are focused on and which muscle fibers you’re activating. So in MaxT3, we break exercise type down by speed.

Find out more about MaxT3 at www.maxt3.com.

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