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The Importance of the ML Detox System

The reality of toxicity is a very tangible danger. Between everyday household cleaning products, our own consumption of known carcinogens such as cigarettes and industries that use coal fired plants, our environment is a loaded toxic gun and our bodies are the target. Toxins wreak havoc on our bodies and also cause disease and suffering. Even when we choose to eat organically, there are still toxins lurking everywhere that mean us harm. ML Detox System™ is our best defense against the veritable arsenal of toxins in our environment.

The ML Detox System is a simple two part system: Cell Detox and Body Detox. Cell Detox (Included in ML Detox) contains powerful ingredients that work synergistically to raise your body’s natural antioxidant and detoxifier, glutathione, which helps your body to remove toxins from the body at a cellular level. Body Detox works hand in hand with Cell Detox to collect the toxins released by your body and safely and permanently removes them.

Find out more about all Essential #5: Minimizing Toxicity and learn more about removing deadly toxins from your body with our newest ML Detox System formulation.

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